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Every year with the exception of  this our alumni gather from across the country to play another game we are all passionate about...Golf 3.5 / 4 hours (depending) catching up, having laughs and enjoying a great BBQ afterwards!

Event Photos

Coaches Luncheons (5).jpg

Our Annual Redblacks Coaches Luncheon is a fantastic opportunity for Alumni to meet up with the current seasons staff. Discuss former Ottawa coaching greats, get insights into the new season and what lies ahead. Great lunch and company. Event Photos


Part of our storied history is the performance and make up of these players. The 1968-1969 Reunion was one that will forever go down in the history books as did their Grey Cup victories.

Event Photos (Courtesy of Donn Smith)

1968 Grey Cup Game

1969 Grey Cup Game

Ottawa Sport Hall of Fame Induction


1976 Grey Cup Reunion (5).jpg

 As the players gather for a 40th anniversary reunion this week, GORD HOLDER takes a look at their remarkable run to the Grey Cup...more

1973 Reunion Photos

1973 Grey Cup Game

1973 Grey Cup Reunion Video

REDBLACKS 1973 Grey Cup Video

Another Huddle for the 1973 Riders

1976 Grey Cup Reunion (1).jpg

On July 31, 2016 we celebrated our 40th team anniversary as well as our storied Grey Cup victory! Players from across North America attended the event. It was great catching up with all the guys again.

Event Photos

1976 Grey Cup Game

Field Celebration 

Ottawa Citizen 

Legends Luncheon (1).jpg

One of the most celebrated events for fans and alumni alike are the CFLAA's Legend's Luncheons during Grey Cup. R Nation welcomed our was fantastic! Alumni attended  from across the country! It was an honour for us having so many accomplished athletes attend. Not only did we enjoy ourselves but our fans did too!

Event Video

Event Coverage

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