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About Us

The Ottawa Football Club was founded when Canada was just 9 years old.

And for well over a century the parent organization of the Ottawa Rough Riders would join the Toronto Argonauts as the two most venerable pro football franchises in North America, decades before the oldest NFL teams — Cardinals, Bears and Packers — even existed. Ottawa’s first 120 years had 15 Grey Cup appearances, 9 championship teams and dozens of Hall of Fame players.


The Rough Riders’ demise in 1996 and the brief Renegades era that followed were  difficult times for Ottawa CFL football. But as we would soon see, there was more and better  to come. This is our story.


Ottawa Redblacks

We are thrilled that OSEG (Roger Greenberg, John Ruddy, Jeff Hunt, William Shenkman and John Pugh) have carried on our local football tradition and elevated it to new heights. 

The organization has not only reignited our local passion for sports in the areas of hockey, soccer and football their facilities also host professional rugby, basketball and soccer. Landsdowne Park has now become a destination for locals and tourists alike.

This new team managed to appear in the Grey Cup 3 times in the first 5 years and brought the Grey Cup home in 2016!


The Redblacks have carried on the tradition of giving back to the community and raised endless funds for local charities and initiatives. To learn more about our team please visit their website


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