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This Day in Ottawa Football History


Feb 5, 2024

At every CFLOAA monthly Huddle Lunch, Ottawa Sports Historian Jim McAuley entertains us with his research into Ottawa football events on that day in history. Attached are items he presented at our two most recent Huddles on November 7th and December 5th.

Jim’s This Day in Ottawa Football History will be a regular feature in future Newsletters.

Who is Jim? 

He is an Ottawa boy who wanted to be a sportscaster, but became a teacher, sports historian, and author. He went to St Pat’s for high school but transferred to Commerce to learn shorthand since he would need that skill as a sportscaster.

His dad was an Ottawa alderman who also worked for Coca-Cola. Jim’s first contact with the Rough Riders was when he was 5 or 6 in the early 1950s. He passed out Cokes to players in the old North side dressing room with his dad and older brother.

Jim’s first jobs were with Dominion Bridge and as a casual with the Federal Government. An opening for a business teacher at the new Canterbury High School led to a teaching career from 1969 to 1995. His knowledge of shorthand helped get the position!  Jim still wanted to be a sportscaster. He continued his sports research which eventually got him into Ottawa press boxes. His knowledge of Ottawa sports history was utilized by both the Rough Riders and the Senators.

Jim published a book in 1986 titled the “Ottawa Sports BookIn 2014, he wrote “Inside the Huddle which chronicles Ottawa Football from Rough Riders to Renegades to Redblacks. It provides an in-depth history of Ottawa football back to 1876! This book was the idea/project of OSEG partner John Ruddy.

Jim has two children and 2 grandchildren.

Download the November 7 Huddle

Download the December 5 Huddle

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